Başat Özmercan, Sales, Fluidized Bed Solutions

"I liked the way the teachers kept the audience awake with questions and gave enough attention to hear from us as well"

Sussi Jeppesen, Novo Nordisk A/S

"The powder formulation course gave me the overall intro/overview on powder formulation – challenges and technologies. The instructors were good at understanding the individual situation and working areas."

Sergi Abad, Biotechnology Technical Manager, CYGYC BIOCON

"Thank you so much for the awesome course! I was hoping to fill in some knowledge gaps in the enzyme industry, and the course certainly helped to do so."

Casper Lund, Senior Food Technologist, DuPont Nutrition & Health

"This was a good and well prepared course. 3 days of theory and nobody was getting tired during the day. That is a good sign. There was a good dialog and discussions during the presentations which is making it more interesting but also adds to the understanding of various processes / problems when real life comments are added from participants."

Louise Nemming, Production Engineer, Xellia Pharmaceuticals

"Thank you for a great course :)"

Sarah Veelaert, Principal Scientist Product & Process Development, Cargil

"Thanks a lot for the interesting course which was perfectly organized. Great combination of lectures and exercises. I really enjoyed it."

Sophie Meier, R&D, Nestlé

"Participated in the 2017 course on "Industrial Biotechnology - for non-biotechnologists". I would recommend this course to all people who wants a better understanding of industrial biotechnology"

Sanvey Qing, Head Of Wet Granulation - Oral Solid Dosage, Austar Equipment China

"Thank you very much for the training in Fluid Bed Technology. The three days of training has greatly improved me!"

Karen Lettow, Product Developer, Walter Rau Neusser Öl und Fett AG

"The course as such was very good prepared, presented and informing. The technical information were really good to get a better understanding of the process. I really liked the exercises. It was good to directly use the new information and due to the online version it was also good to have a short interruption of the classical presentation mode. The frequency of exercises was good."

Nicole Page-Zoerkler, Nestlé

"Joined the course in "Industrial Biotechnology - for Non-biotechnologist". The course gave a good overview of the different mechanisms, it can be used to refresh knowledge or as an introduction. The course was very well taught and was highly interesting"

Mariët Slagter, CFD Engineer,Tetra Pak

"Good basic course with enthusiastic teachers. Also great program at the first evening. It is a very good way to know the other people as well.
I like the calculations, to give some time to progress all information. About the course book, it was very heavy to take that towards home. But I like it that it is possible to read from paper. Thanks for the nice course!"

Kim Chi Rojahn, Product Developer, Intersnack Germany

"The course was very interesting and informative. I have really enjoyed the 3 days, although it was an online course"

Christian Jäckering, Jäckering Mühlen- und Nährmittelwerke GmbH

"It was a great course - straight, direct, no nonsense!"

Kjetil Røe Edvardsen, Senior Product Developer, Lilleborg Profesjonell

"Thank you for a very interesting course. Very good lectures. I did not know a lot of powder technology prior to the course and learned a lot. All together I am very pleased with the course and will surely attend other courses arranged by you in the future."

Arni Kujala, Technical Manager, Roal Oy

"The course was well balanced between theoretical and practical content. Very nice location for the training. Extremely good food! Thanks once more for great course, I really enjoyed it."

Davis Thöny, Head of R&D, Frike Group AG

"Participated in the Powder Formulation course in October 2017. Good location in central Copenhagen. Get-together on the first evening was very nice"

Patrizia Zanon, Product Developer, Dr. Schär A.G.

"I participated to the course “Powder Formulation: Design principles, Characterization and Processes” in late 2016 and I am very satisfied about the experience. The course program was very interesting, teachers were very well prepared and the information we received was a good balance between theory and practice. I immediately started using some methods explained during the course in my daily work!"

Serge Lochtmann, Manager Starch Expertise Centre, Tate & Lyle

"The fluid bed course has offered a lot of tools to work with. Too many tools for going into details for all of them during the course, but I appreciate that a touch of it was given, so we can decide ourselves how deep we will dive when we work with them. The conference room was spacious and enough daylight came in. It was located at a convenient spot for touring Copenhagen a bit and have a couple of nice morning-runs with good sight-seeing. The food was very good (breaks and lunch) and I appreciated the breakfast very much as I hadn’t ordered breakfast in my own hotel."

Jacobus Richter, Breatec B.V.

"It was a really good course, in 3 days you gain a large amount of new applicable knowledge"

Thomas Pruter, Emsland Stärke GmbH, Director R&D

"Joined the Downstream Processing course in 2018. Thank you for this technical update course, very helpful to understand things better!"

Jeroen Maes R&D Engineer, Research and Development

"High level course, with good basic theoretical introduction, followed by lots of practical and detailed info on industrial istallations and practice"

Alfonso Cáceres, Industrias Lácteas Asturianas S.A.

"I participated in the October 2017 course on Powder Formulation in Copenhagen. The course is perfectly organized and the technical level is good!"

Joaquin Christiaens, Researcher, AB-Inbev

"A very good and clearly understandable course. The exercises that are part of the course are very good pauses to make sure you grasp the technicalities. Overall it was a very good and enjoyable course."

Michael Pratt, Associate Staff Scientist, Verenium Corp.

“I traveled to Copenhagen from San Diego to take the course “Analysis and Methods for Powder Handling and Processing” because there was not an equivalent seminar being offered in the US that we could find. It was very much worth the time to travel and attend the two day experience. There were presentations by principal scientists from many companies involved in powder analysis instrumentation and excellent demonstrations. I highly recommend the courses presented by Seydlitz Consultants for professionals working with powders. Their coverage of this area is quite unique.”

Betina Rosendal, Scientist, New Applications

"The course was at a very high level, and very interesting!"

Julia Rosenberger, Process Engineer, GECHEM GmbH & Co KG

"The course was very instructive for me! I'm completely new in this field and now I have a good overview of what is possible and which influencing factors have to be taken into account. I think the scope is good, I learned a lot of new things. For me as a newcomer to the powder process, the examples were very interesting"

Olivier Carnnot, R&D Project Manager

"From my point of view, the approached proposed for this training is perfect. By the realization of several exercise, we learned a lot in minimum time "

Ninna Halberg Jokil, Head of Department, Haldor Topsøe A/S

“With its main focus on powder handling and behavior these courses are generally applicable since powders are handled with common challenges across virtually all industries. I appreciate the practical approach and the ability to provide an overview while immersing in different specific topics.”

Henrik Stærkær Rasmussen, Project Manager, Chr. Hansen A/S

“I participated at the Powder Handling course in March 2013 and I was very satisfied with the details, generel approach and design considerations about powders and particles given during the lessons, also classification of powders, safety and ATEX among other issues was given by the very dedicated, skilled and professional teachers who works as proffessionals in their daily work with powders. The meals and food served at the accomodation was delicious and fantastic!”


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Our experience is that many topics of relevance for people working in industry aren´t taught at universities or technical schools. Or if taught at all, too often on an abstract and highly theoretical level difficult for people to apply in their daily job in the industry.

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